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Office building-office sharing for rent Vincom center

Central Office is consulting company and provide service packages perfectly with virtual office and office packages is a work smart solution help businesses saving more cost.

In addition, we also have strengths in consulting businesses for completing legal documents, providing financial solutions and capital arrangement, restructuring and process business improvement, consulting solutions IT, calling the promotion of investment projects, trade promotion and other support solutions for businesses.

Office Services Package for lease: Provides services for general seating and private room with many different areas depending on customer requirement.  Work station and work room is full of equipped furniture (desks, chairs, filing cabinets), high-speed internet access, wifi, phone line and key system magnetic (private rooms for rent) .

Virtual Office Services: Provides address allows businesses can use to address trade, business registration and license tax return, use conference and meeting rooms seating irregular.


Office position located in Vincom Center Building luxurious of grade A

With the advantage of Bamboo Capital is a major shareholder, is a consulting company and financial solutions for corporate restructuring. Central Office has created a working environment, a culture of community by leaders, professionals, employees and partners gathered more robust, and integrated into processes, technology and people. The current partners see us as a professional company and selected as a long-term partner from start until later developed.

Always put mission is to partner with companies from start to lasting development. Therefore understood throughout Central Office vision, mission and goals of the business from the start and we have built a perfect solution for businesses as well as become a trusted partner to businesses.

Relaxation region, resting sip coffee while watching the city from overhead after hard work.




Office solutions perfectly with those professional services 

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