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Office for rent Athena Building

Address: Cong Hoa street, Dist Tan Binh
Floor: 1 ground floor, 12 floors, 1 basement
Unit size: 550sqm
Total Lettable Area: 8250sqm
Leasing Area: 114sqm
Rental: 225.500 VNĐ/m2 (ước tính 11 USD/m2)
Service fees: Not included 2.5 USD/m2 Service charges
VAT Tax: Not included 10% VAT
Parking fees: UPDATING
Money power: According to the State electricity price
Rent Period: At least 2 year
Payment: 3 Months, paid once a month

If you need support for service lease / sublease, please contact us.

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 Athena Building located at Cong Hoa Street, central road of Tan Binh District


In front of Athena Building

Athena Building 2

Ground floor is a part of The Asia Commercial Bank, facilitate for transactions

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