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Dat Phuong Nam Apartment

Address: Chu Văn An, Binh Thanh Dist
Leasing Area:

There are four standard types of apartments:


Type 1: The first position each block, an area of 140 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 1 office, opening kitchen.


Type 2: The first in each block A and B with an area of 130 sqm, 3 bedrooms, closing kitchen.


Type 3: Being arranged in the middle of the block A, B and C, with an area of 104 sqm, 2 bedrooms, closing kitchen.


Type 4: Also arranged between the blocks (opposite the apartment of type 3) but smaller area (102 sqm)

Rental: 14.000.000 VNĐ/tháng (ước tính 700 USD/m2)
Service fees:
VAT Tax:
Parking fees:
Money power: According to the State electricity price
Rent Period: At minimum 1 year
Payment: 3 months deposit, monthly payment

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Located at the eastern gate of Ho Chi Minh City, on Chu Van An in Binh Thanh District, Dat Phuong Nam building projects has relatively favorable terrain location.
With a total area of 8.191 sqm, building area is 6.446 sqm - a beautiful open spaces, spacious with water, trees ... the radial canals, stretching over 120 meters frontage on the 25-meter-road-border Chu Van An street, Dat Phuong Nam building is located between the urban planning of the central Binh Thanh and important projects of the city as : Government Offical School, fitness-sports complex, parks...
Dat Phuong Nam Project consists of 3 block -18 floors, combining together to form a T.
Block A and Block B are  east - west  interconnecting (along Chu Van An street), in comparison with block C block AB horizontal direction North - South. The apartments are located in the 1st to 15th floor  of 3 blocks with 350 apartments. Each apartment has a full living room, dining room, kitchen, storage, deck, private lobby, taking directly natural light and natural space separately.
There are four standard types of apartment: Type 1 is the first position each block, area of 140 sqm, 3 bedrooms, 1 workroom, opening kitchen. Type 2 is the first in a block A and B with an area of 130 sqm, 3 bedrooms and closing kitchen. Apartment type 3 are located in the middle of the block A, B and C, has an area of 104 sqm, 2 bedrooms and the kitchen closed. Apartment type 4 is also arranged between the block (opposite the apartment type 3) but smaller area (102 sqm). Each block has basement garage (make sure each apartment is 14-15 sqm) and arrangement of technical equipment.
The ground floor is arranged for supermarkets, kindergartens, restaurants, fast food outlets, office and public services ... Mezzanine is devoted to sports facilities, service games, Internet, restaurant and retail space ...
The building is equipped with a total of 10 elevators, including seven lifts with loading 800 kg/pcs and 3 lifts loading 1,000 kg /pcs, being controlled by the group.
Security system of the whole tower is guaranteed by a system of Surveillance Camera, installed at the parking area, commercial area and the walkway corridor, all Surveillance Camera system is connected towards center operator of the building.
Running water supplied to the apartment here are handled by a modern filtration system, removing impurities, odor, and UV sterilization ...
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